Re-integratieSupport was established driven by one of my primary motives: ensuring that others can excel and grow in order to achieve their plans. This gives me the energy and satisfaction to commit myself for 100%. I’m at my best when things do not go as expected or desired. This is calling for suitable and personal support, motivation and action. Understanding and time for the underlying cause, but especially attention to solutions and a new and positive view on the future.

In this, I also wanted to rely on my life experience more strongly in order to help others. I know how important it is not to adopt a defeatist attitude, how valuable help from others is and how to end up in a new positive reality once again. Usually the solution is not in the problem, but in the approach afterwards.

All pieces of the puzzle fall into place as a reintegration coach. I’m doing what I’m good at and I’m working for and with people who are motivating me and providing energy. I have learned and continue to learn from the best in the field and I am able to cooperate with other specialists. The puzzle is complete.

Maggy de Wert