Third-track reintegration programs

Re-integratieSupport offers third-track reintegration programs for employers who are self-insurer* and their insurance companies. A third-track program can start at any time after the (former) employee has undergone the WIA-examination (Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act). The program is focused on finding a sustainable and suitable job at a different employer.

*self-insurer for the Return to Work of Partially Disabled Persons Scheme (Dutch: WGA –  Werkhervatting Gedeeltelijk Arbeidsgeschikten) and/or the Sickness Benefits Act (Dutch: ZW – Ziektewet).

With Re-integratieSupport you’ll have a partner who will give optimal attention and time to every third-track program. Re-integratieSupport provides individual one-on-one programs, tailored to the specific situation and profile of the (former) employee. During the entire program the employee is guided by the same coach. The employer and/or insurance company will receive a progress report on the program on a regular basis. Your questions and requests will be dealt with adequately and at short notice using swift and short communication lines.

During an introductory meeting the potential composition of a reintegration program will be discussed at length.
Call : 06-34 10 6666 (Maggy de Wert).